Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Birdie is a character from Capcom's Street Fighter series of video games.
According to his official biography, Birdie was born in England, with no year or date specified (possibly the late 1950s). He stands 216 cm and weighs 111 kg. His blood type is O. He likes to eat (espeically beer and beef jerky) and commit crimes. He hates kids and cops.
Before his criminal career, Birdie was a professional wrestler, tag-teaming with occasional rival Titanic Tim as the "500 Million-Trillion Powers." When his wrestling career ended, he became a street fighter.
His notoriety got him invited to the first World Warrior tournament. When it came time to fight, Birdie was suffering from a particularly nasty strain of flu, and lost his fight with Ryu easily (thus explaining his pale skin).
Despite this setback, Birdie rose up the ladder of criminal success, and he eventually got wind of an organization called Shadowlaw. He managed to catch their attention and get in. He snuck into a Shadowlaw data room and discovered something, not knowing that M. Bison, lord of Shadowlaw, was watching him.
That "something" was most likely the Psycho Drive, and he decided to find it and use it to overthrow Bison and become lord of Shadowlaw himself. Bison sent Balrog to kill Birdie, but Birdie told him about the Psycho Drive and that they could use to it become powerful. Unfortunately, with Balrog's incompetence, Birdie couldn't find the Drive before it blew up.
Birdie likely remained with Shadowlaw until it finally collapsed, and is either back on the street or in jail by now.


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